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What makes you kissable? It all starts with beautiful teeth. Healthy teeth. Drop dead teeth. Smashingly gorgeous teeth. And those incredibly fabulous teeth are what you find at MINT dentistry.
MINT is staffed with the most highly trained cosmetic dentists imaginable. And we equip them with the absolute finest materials. So our veneers, crowns, implants, even fillings are of the absolute ultimate quality that you don’t pay more for. And with six-month dental checkups, MINT doctors keep your mouth fresh, clean and healthy.
MINT dentistry is where knock-out smiles start. And those smiles start with the premier whitening system in the world that is absolutely free with PPO dental insurance. This system is proven safer, healthier and more longer lasting than any laser system on the market.
MINT can make your mouth more kissable. Call now to change your life.

MINT dentistry | East Houston
12450 East Freeway, #410
Houston, TX 77015

Phone: (832) 872-2930
Hours: Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm

The MINT Difference isn’t just one thing.  It’s many things.
  • The best and safest dental whitening system on the market – free with PPO dental insurance.
  • The most amazing dental offices in the United States.
  • A friendly staff who stands up to greet you.
  • Relaxing massage chairs.
  • Awesome sounding Beats headphones.
  • New iPads.
  • Flat screen TVs.
  • Our iconic MINT sunglasses we give to every patient.
  • The most amazing dental offices in the United States.
  • The best, highest quality materials – from crowns and fillings to implants and veneers.
  • An insurance department that does all the verification and filing for you.
  • The MINT dentists.  Chosen by Consumers’ Choice as Best Family Dentists, named by Modern Luxury Dallas and Modern Luxury Houston as “Elite Doctors”, and recognized by Living Magazine in Arlington, and the Mid-Cities as “Outstanding Dentists.”


MINT dentistry East Houston is now sitting right next to one of the best restaurants in East Houston. That would be Pappadeaux’s on the I-10 East Freeway Service Road. East Houston has been famous for its restaurants and the gigantic Budweiser Bottling Plant. Now it’s famous for outstanding dentistry. MINT has brought the MINT style, quality and atmosphere of MINT to East Houston. Here’s how to find us. Take the Federal Road Exit off I-10 look for Pappadeaux’s, and you’ll instantly spot MINT between Maxey Road and Falcon Street. MINT is more than worth the trip because we’ve changed everything you know about dentistry.

That’s why MINT is the fastest growing, privately held dental company in the southwest and most possibly the country. First off, we offer free whitening to everyone with PPO dental insurance. Not “free whitening with exams, cleaning and x-rays,” but totally free, no strings attached free whitening if you have PPO dental insurance. This whitening is so free, we don’t even bill your insurance company. It’s that free. Secondly, there’s an atmosphere to MINT that stodgy old dentist offices just don’t have. People actually have fun here! Finally, we make sure you can afford the highest quality dental care in Houston. Your PPO dental insurance is good here!

LaShonda had an amazing experience.

Wow….the service was Amazing, the staff greeted you with a Great Big Smile and they were Very Friendly. Customer services like no other so I know the owners put lots of stress on how you treat people makes a difference, because Chanel and Trulisa was the first two I saw and they both greeted me. Then Jocelyn came and escorted me to the back to do the x-rays and the toothe trays. Then she asked me what would I defer to listen to Panadora or Netflix. Well I fell in love because I like listening to music and Panadora is it. Then Dr. Stinvason came and and she did my examination and she was very professional as well. Then Karla came in to do the cleaning and I had sensitivity and she took her time and made me feel relaxed. Wonderful!!! Then Bella came in to explain to how to use the whiten. I had an AMAZING EXPERIENCE AT MINTDENTAL IN DESOTO WHAT A GREAT PROFESSIONAL GROUP OF PEOPLE. HIS BLESS AND KEEP UP THE EXCELLENCE SERVICE. I’M GOING TO TELL OTHERS ABOUT THIS LOCATION. YES…IT’S A HOLD BECAUSE I’M HAPPY I CAME.


Ron saved a lot of money at Mint.

Experience was unbelievably. Saved me alot of money. The staff and doctors were extremely exceptional. I would recommend them to everyone. Thank you Mint for the best dentist visit ever.



Kristina said great service.

Great service! I was skeptical but I am a believer. See you in 6 months!


Gabrielle recommends Mint to everyone.

Great experience! Teeth feeling good and clean! Karla my hygienist was awesome too! Glad I went! Recommend mint to everyone! #teamMint


Dana had an amazing experience.

My experience at this location was AMAZING. Jessica my hygienist cleaned my teeth to perfection. The entire staff here is as professional as it gets. I love this place. I can’t wait to return.


KRISTINA loves the Mint Desoto office.

I always enjoy my experience at Mint Dentistry. I recently moved to Desoto, TX and had my first appointment here at the Desoto location and the front staff were amazingly nice and pleasant as you would expect from the other locations, and Tiffany was awesome, super sweet, and did a wonderful job on my teeth cleaning, making sure i was comfortable and great personality and customer service. I left with a big beautiful and clean smile. Thanks Mint Dentistry.



shamieka said you should leave your old dentist for Mint.

MINT Dentistry is changing the game! You will want to leave your long time dentist and make this your new home. Their advertisement is exactly what you get once you go in to the office. Everything is high end, BUT AFFORDABLE why would you go somewhere else and settle for less? I felt like a valuable customer from the time I walked in. The staff is super friendly you have your own personal dental hygienist with you the entire time, until you see the Dr, The appointments are easy to book, and they make payments a breeze! No more high bills that are due upfront, they have a great payment plan that comes with benefits! What I most enjoyed was the comfortably of my appointment. They have these plush nice blankets, a massage chair, and a 50 in t.v. in every room for you to enjoy Netflix or Pandora. I didn’t want my appointment to end I felt so at home. This is forever my home for all of my dentistry needs. Keep up the great work guys!


Linda loved her Mint experience.

Upon walking in the clinic I was immediately impressed! The greeting from the front desk clerks was so very pleasant! I was offered water, mint sunglasses and headphones for the entertainment to come!

Ms Ashley W. called me back promptly! I was treated in a massage chair and entertained with Netflix! The entire experience, from start to finish, was great! I will definitely be back!